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Make connections that pay you back! Make passive revenue by using the IntellicoWorks Referral Program. Use your sales skills and bring clients who need our services and get revenue by introducing potential leads to us.

How to be a part
of this Referral Program?

IntellicoWorks is a leading AI development services company providing a range of services like cloud solutions, DevOps, Secops and Dataops services. We offer an earn-to-refer program with 4 simple steps to become a part.

Submit Your Information

Once you complete the form below, our team will contact you shortly to discuss further details and conditions.

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We will send you a referral program agreement with all the membership benefits. If you sign the document, you will become an official member.

Refer Us Lead/Prospect

Provide your referral information briefly and our team will contact the referral directly to close the deal.


We will pay you a commission based on project specifications and quality. This also applies if the project deal is closed.

Forget Partnerships

Earn Passively & Grow Your Business With Referral Program

Who is a Best-fit Refer For Us?

Businesses, SMBs and enterprises interested to integrate and develop AI and next-gen technologies into their operations

Startups and small businesses looking for a long-term development partner for their sustainable success

Entrepreneurs and individuals interested in getting solutions that are customized to their unique needs

Terms and Conditions of
Referral Program


By filling out this quick form I agree to the terms and conditions that apply to IntellicoWorks Referral Program.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Referral Program

    The commission rates for the IntellicoWorks Referral Program are project-specific and based on the total revenue generated by referred clients for earnings under $25,000, the commission rate will be 15%, for $50,000, the commission rate will be 10%, for $100,000 will be 7% and for $250,000, a custom commission rate will be negotiated.

    The referral program is not limited to several referees. For each customer you bring, you will earn a certain percentage of project-based commission as per the terms and conditions of the company.

    If you have brought a potential lead and he signed a contract with IntellicoWorks, you will receive a commission based on our terms and conditions quarterly.

    You will receive your payment every quarter in which IntellicoWorks receives payment from the client. 

    The referrer is responsible for handling your taxes on the generated revenue from the referral program. IntellicoWorks does not take any responsibility for paying the tax on your earnings.

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