Innovating New Dimensions in Edtech for
Better Learning Outcomes

We offer quality-engineered edtech solutions that are accessible, reliable, and designed to deliver
seamless experiences across platforms, systems, and devices with IntellicoWork’s deep expertise in
the edtech domain.

Use Cases

Say Goodbye to E-learning Barriers with Scalable
Cloud Solutions

As more and more public and private sector activities shift to the online space, our thorough and
intelligent cloud solutions, combined with our unparalleled resources, will equip your education
technology to be prepared for any challenge that may arise.
1. Scalable Infrastructure

By utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS), we develop a scalable infrastructure for managing large amounts of traffic during peak usage times and ensure the infrastructure remains responsive.

3. Improved Security

The security framework implemented in the solution provides peace of mind for learning platforms and their users, knowing that their data is protected with SSL certificates and secure infrastructure.

5. Modernization of Infrastructure

The use of the latest technologies and tools like CloudFormation, and AWS CodePipeline, we provide e-learning platforms with a cost-effective, scalable, and secure solution that meets their growing needs.

7. Strategic Consulting

Intellicoworks can provide strategic consulting services to help edtech companies define their investment, market positioning, technology stacks, timeline, total cost, and ongoing maintenance requirements.

2. Streamlined Deployments

The CI/CD pipeline streamlines the deployment process and confidently delivers new functionality multiple times a day resulting in faster time and providing a smooth user experience for engagement.

4. Automated Management

By utilizing Infrastructure as Code (IaC) automation, e-learning platforms can now manage and maintain their infrastructure with ease for consistent, repeatable, and efficient management of their infrastructure.

6. Performance and Load Testing

Intellicoworks can test edtech systems and platforms for all types of functionalities under normal loads and heavy usage times, such as high-stakes assessments and enrollment periods, to normalize it.

8. Security Testing

Intellicoworks can independently audit edtech systems to ensure compliance with regulations for better security measures to keep learners and educators personally identifiable information (PII) secure.

Edtech Benefits

Enhance the user experience by providing them easy-to-use e-learning apps and content. With
years of experience in the edtech industry, we have mastered the art of delivering fast, error-free
e-learning experiences that both educators and students desire and deserve.

Case Studies

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Frequently Asked Questions

DevOps solutions are revolutionizing higher education by streamlining IT processes, fostering collaboration between teams, improving security, and delivering services faster. With the help of automation and continuous testing, universities can now deliver new services and applications more efficiently and securely. DevOps practices are helping higher education institutions provide better experiences for students and faculty while also improving the reliability and efficiency of their technology systems.

DevOps solutions in the education sector can help in improving the efficiency and reliability of technology systems, ensuring better security, and delivering new services and applications faster to students and faculty.

Some of the challenges in implementing DevOps solutions in EdTech companies include a lack of understanding of DevOps practices, resistance to change from employees, integration with existing systems, and securing the necessary budget for implementation.

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