Develop an Ecosystem for Social
Platform as a Service

Project Overview

Netblaze is an ecosystem for social platforms, enabling social media marketers to understand and fetch social media information. The platform requires users to sign-up using business or end-users, allowing them to scan the website for possible media marketing. Netblaze partnered with Intellicoworks, a DevOps, SecOps, and DataOps services provider, to enable end-users and businesses to sign up.

Project Requirements

We first started by analyzing requirements and made documentation for two way conversation. In spite of this, Intellicoworks provided solutions for the platform.

Project Challenges

Project Solution

Project Results

Working with Intellicoworks, Netblaze was able to expand its business and execute all wishlists of its clients and customers. The solution was tested and implemented with multiple brands (same codebase with different CSS and website) by the same customer and sold. The project has been working successfully for the past six years or so, with over 10K customers and 100+ clients

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