Enabling Efficient Processing & Delivery
For Industrial Manufacturing

Resort to our cloud solutions for scalability, operational efficiency, data accumulation, management
and analytics, ease of design, development and production of products, innovation, reduction in
production costs as well as in time to market.

Use Cases

We apply technological advancements for every use case possible to help you lead to a brighter future for industrial manufacturing by focusing on continuous improvement and innovation.

1.CI/CD pipeline automation

IntelliCoworks helps organizations streamline software development and deployment with DevOps. We use CI/CD pipelines to build, test, and deploy code changes faster, ensuring more frequent releases. We set up and automate CI/CD pipelines by providing services such as Configuration Management, IaC, Release Automation, Continuous Testing, Continuous Monitoring, and DevOps Toolchain Implementation.

3. Security Assessment & Vulnerability Management

We aim to use SecOps practices to integrate security into the development and operations processes to proactively identify and mitigate security risks. IntelliCoworks provides organizations with Security Assessment and Vulnerability Management for Penetration Testing, Threat Modeling, Security Compliance, and Security Automation to identify and mitigate security risks.

5. Data Pipeline Automation

We use DataOps practices to improve the efficiency and reliability of data pipelines. Data Pipeline Automation involves automating the data integration, transformation, and loading processes to ensure faster and more accurate data delivery. IntelliCoworks can help organizations with Data Integration, ETL, Data Quality and Data Governance.

2. Microservices architecture design & implementation

It involves breaking down large applications into smaller, independent services that communicate with each other through APIs. IntelliCoworks provides Containerization, Orchestration, and DevOps Toolchain Implementation to provide better scalability, flexibility, and resilience, but require automation and orchestration.

4. Security Incident & Event Management (SIEM)

We provide SIEM for real-time visibility into an organization’s security posture and enable faster incident response. IntelliCoworks can help organizations with their SIEM implementation by providing services such as Log Management, Security Monitoring, Security Analytics, Incident Response, and Threat Intelligence.

Industrial Manufacturing Benefits

With our DevOps, DataOps, and SecOps solutions in the telecommunications industry, you van be sure that your
company will become more agile, reliable, and secure, leading to improved customer experiences and cost savings.

Case Studies

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Frequently Asked Questions On Devops

DevOps in industrial manufacturing often face challenges related to legacy systems, complexity of the manufacturing process, and regulatory compliance requirements. They need to balance the need for fast software development and deployment with ensuring the safety, security, and reliability of the manufacturing process.

DevOps can help industrial manufacturing companies by enabling them to automate manual processes, streamline workflows, and reduce the time and cost of software development and deployment. By using continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) practices, DevOps can ensure that software changes are quickly tested and deployed to production, resulting in faster time to market and reduced downtime.

We implement DevOps in industrial manufacturing for companies to create a culture of collaboration between development, operations, and other stakeholders. They can also invest in automation tools and practices that can help streamline software development and deployment. Additionally, companies should prioritize security and compliance requirements, ensuring that all software changes are rigorously tested and approved before being deployed to production. Finally, companies should partner with DevOps Services Company to continuously monitor and measure their DevOps practices, using metrics to identify areas for improvement and optimize their workflows.

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