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Project Overview

Intellicoworks, a DevOps, SecOps and DataOps services provider partnered with VulcanForged, a blockchain platform and game studio that provides a marketplace for trading NFTs and a DEX for buying and selling them.
With over 20,000 active members and a top-5 GamesMarketplace, VulcanForged was seeking a DevOps and DataOps provider to develop a more scalable and sustainable approach to their growing data and uptime requirements.

Project Requirements

Mainly the client’s concerns were growing data and uptime requirements for communication services and analytics for managing the admin panel and switching from Polygon to Elysium.

Project Challenges

Project Solution

As a DevOps and DataOps provider, we developed all development, cron, security, deployment/rollback and data governance operations.

As a secOps provider, we developed a security operation centre to understand and analyse all types of security threats which helped the company secure the entire operations with more confidence.

Project Results

Our scalable and sustainable solutions brought benefits to VulcanForged, including trust, transparency, traceability, efficiency,
speed, ownership, and enhanced security. VulcanForged now has its own NFTs Marketplaces, Agora, VulcanDex, Myforge, a PYR token
on ERC-20 protocol, and improved blockchain infrastructure. Intellicoworks’ approach allowed users to have more flexible payment
options and supported gamers with a secure gaming ecosystem.

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